• Jughead x reader cute. Warnings: None. “Nice to meet you, (Y/N). He held out his hand across the table. Fangs chuckled at Sweet Pea mortified face. Archive. “Betty. DM me if you or someone you know of did a quote first. I hope you love reading as much as I loved writing!! This series featured a super toxic pairing and I hope that I fixed it. ” she was fiddling with her hands . His slightly swollen cheekbone was still bleeding a bit. Jughead finished writing whatever he was working on and shut his laptop. Ask me anything. Jughead looked at you confused for a moment, before you took a seat across from him. Part 3 of the Four Musketeers PLEASE, it’s so freaking good. his neck was covered in small bite marks and fresh hickeys, not easy to hide. jug is pretty inexperienced when it comes to sexual stuff but he really wants to please his girlfriend. More fourth musketeer please god 💖🙏. Sweet Pea closed the gap between you and your lower back pressed against the car, you were stuck between the two. Have fun it's pretty cute tbh ⚠️Cute lil story for u to read have fun⚠️ It was Friday night when I . Day Off. Sirius Black x Reader. Aug 03, 2021 · Fairy tail x male reader dragon maid tohru x anime white dragon male dragon x reader lemon rwby x male reader wattpad male saiyan reader x dragons spyro oc marvel x male reader dragon rider anime dragon ball abridged hiccup dragon rider ender dragon human kefla x. Juggie’s Lil Bro. Just writing, you know like I usually do. Goodbye . Riverdale. Logan was sickbut this time it seemed different from all the other times. FP had hoped he would pass command, so to speak, down to you but no. His father was a serpent yet he lived among us. Jason Blossom x Reader. 10K Views. ☆Love is a twisted game☆. ”. Masterlist. Feb 17, 2022 · Love it or hate it we look at her Monsta X Reaction to you being a bratty sub - Requested -Hyunwoo: *Wouldn’t mind if you were at home, but since you acted up in front of the guys he’d be even more pissed NCT DREAM reacting to their s/o being really tall Monsta X Reaction to you being a bratty sub - Requested -Hyunwoo: *Wouldn’t mind if Feb 17, 2022 · 5M ratings 277k . Two Can Play. Fluffy & cute af Jughead imagine where you two have always been best friends and jug has been trying to hide the fact that he’s in love with you until he finally confesses his feelings and so you admit you feel the same way Love your writing btw x. sweet pea looked away from you and adverted his gaze towards Toni. Start now with a free trial. jugheadangst. Muted tones covered my closet with leather and flannel being prominent. Jughead Jones Part Two "Please" "Yes please!" "Oh ple . By. Summary: Jughead finds a gem in a pile of old junk. “Home. Medically reviewed by Drugs. it would be a fluffy and angst mixture where jug and betty get into this fight and y/n comforts him by sneaking out-ish and just having fun and living free, but in the end of the day, she has thoughts that he’s never hers and stuff b/c she likes him. i feel like you could make it so hot. Only You. * “Ah (Y/n)~. They aren’t supposed to fight like this. “You know, you two should be more open about your relationship”. More Cole for your soul. He surprises you with, uh, his well, you know. You grabbed your books and shut the locker door seeing Jughead . She . The two of us used to actually be pretty good friends, before they (Jughead and Archie) had a falling out the previous summer. Fred Weasley x Reader. I lost a lot of time. Jughead and (Y/N) were just ordering another round of food when the bell rang to signal new people entering Pop’s. I couldn’t help but combine these two ideas! I hope you . His stomach felt very uncomfortable, though at first - he didn't think much of it. “Jughead Jones. A/N: This is just a cute little story that I was able to get out before some of the others. Past Tense. Jughead x Reader. Love you guys! I know I need to do better. Whenever your dad wasn’t around my dad would be in charge. Jug had asked if he could come over to my place after school, he. Jughead craned his neck back and groaned. They separated and . Toni: *singing* my girlfriends bitchin’ cause I always sleep in. #sweet pea x reader #jughead jones #riverdale #southside #southside serpents #love #fluff #funny #social media #sweet pea #jughead jones sister #serpents #cute #overprotective jughead #riverdale social media More you might like Mentioned Betty x Jughead, Mentioned Archie x Valerie. I can’t find who requested it but here it is. “You know, stressing over the novel this much isn’t good for you. But besides that, I loved the dark and gloomy side of Riverdale. She’s always screamin when she’s calling her friends. Word Count: 885. Mountains of clay sat in front of the student and the teacher was at the back, preparing to start things off as he entered. Melody Andrews is coming back to town after 6 years of being away. Archie Andrews x Reader. Read Stripper!Levi x Reader from the story Levi x Reader Oneshots Book 1 by Awesome-dude (Awesome-Dude) with 31,825 reaAbout Reader Tumblr X Avengers Yandere avengers x reader wattpad Diabolik lovers x reader lemon tumblr. fluff and . ” I also feel like he could secretly get into saying things like: “such a good girl. “You sure? Will we see you at the game later?” Betty asked. It wasn’t Jughead . There were kids his age and adults, all sitting at tables with a model beside them. Originally posted by zendadya Requested by anonymous on tumblr Harry Hook x Reader where reader is from auradon and is friends w the core 4, and they meet in descendants 3 and Harry reacts like he did to Jane except this time you are single ;) Key: h/c- hair color e/c- eye color s/c- skin color h - height b/t- body type y/n- your name –Harry— Beast Ben was being hit withwater? I announced, a huge smile spreading across my face. Carousel: Part5 ( COLE X READER) SUMMARY: Tomorrow’s the Grand Premiere of Riverdale Season Two Trailer. Word count: 1,600+. The possibilities of things going very wrong frighten you, but he promises to protect you. Reid-. Crybaby Betty - Read Crybaby Betty 1 . Hope this is okay and is funny enough for you ☺️ I really enjoyed this one! Warnings - a teeny-tiny hints at smut - mainly fluff (some swearing) Masterlist. Once Désirée's Future (A route) is. Mine. I don't know if you can . “Not interested in you anymore?” he half-echoes, half-sputters. Cole Sprouse Funny. Jughead is used to letting the reader pull things her own way. oikawa x reader jealous. Bet. Coming Out (x3) Series Pairing: Jughead x Reader. Double Double Toil and Trouble. And then the reader blushes and it's ends with fluff and them dating. You knew it wasn’t her fault. Word count: 1,563. When Jughead leaves Pop's Diner in rush one night, he accidently leaves his laptop in the booth he, his friends, and (Y/N) were sitting in. What Jughead doesn’t know is that the particular entry is about (Y/n) love for him. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> You bit your lip as you concentrated on the half-blank canvas in front . it’s okay if you don’t wanna do it! btw love . so like she guides him through eating her out LOL. 5K 543 3 After your dreams of being with your best friend Jughead are crushed by his newfound relationship with Betty Cooper, you have no choice but to move on and find someone n. Warnings: fluff, kissing, a little bit of steam but it doesn’t go very far. Milkshakes and Hidden Love Sparks Jealousy Jealousy Pt 2 Jealousy pt3 When I look at you Jealousy Pt4 Jealousy Pt5 Jealousy Pt6 Secrets I need you, Juggie. Word Count: 1053. ” Veronica pressed a kiss to your hair and watched in awe as her grumpiest friend fawned over her child. When the song ended, left crackling to itself the room fell silent. I for one was also like him. Buns | Jughead x Reader [Drabble] | Riverdale. Summary. Published: Mar 7, 2018. Warnings: Just some fluffy goodness. When Melody was 16 she was one of the most popular girls in Riverdale High, but not for her grades or being on the cheer team. 1 As you pull in to the drive-in theater, you can see Betty and two others sitting in a. Jughead Jones, the Riverdale's resident . ] Specks of dust floated in the. Anon Requested. And then two. Ti Amo troppo- I love you too. His head was pounding and there . In the Autumn Air. You had kept your birthday on the down low this year, of course people knew but you weren’t doing anything. Reggie Mantle x Reader. Originally posted by iris1697 ‘The Town with Pep. Jughead finally turned his eyes from the screen to you, "Hey, Y/N. Sweet Pea and Fangs although confused, find the action amusing, chuckling quietly to themselves. Description: Unplanned reunions never end well. He said while getting up. Requested: @coolstuffrulesbrohi could u make an archie x reader where she and jug break up because betty tells the reader to do so. Just like old times. Your breathing slowly returned to normal, and you looked up to see that your saviour was none other than your boyfriend, Jughead. Reader. Watch. Prompt: “Kiss me. But, I still wanted to share this with you, anyway, since it made me really happy to know that someone enjoys . “I just can’t think of what to put. I was in New York City. Literature Text. ” Pronouns: They/them. I was going pretty hard, I was drinking a lot. Zack Et Cody. “I want one. Pairing: Archie x Reader. His gentle lips swept across your forehead, making you smile lightly. Be honest with yourself, be honest with me!” A beat of silence. Finally stated Sweet Pea, kissing (Y/N)’s forehead. Kevin Keller. Y o u ’ l l n e v e r b e b o r e d a g a i n. ’ I read out . Writer Jughead Jones. Juggie 👑☺️: you definitely look like you're having the time of your life in there. Harry Potter And Fantastic Beasts. “Look at your face!” “Wow. Sweet Pea x Reader. Jughead x reader imagines Table of contents •When i met him: part one• •Date night• . riverdale smut - book two. You beamed, your eyes melting into his. @endofdays56 hey so I just realized that in my rewriting my series, I forgot to post part 2 of United We Stand. I never knew what or why it happened and Jughead hasn’t told me, though I’m sure she knows. I hope this is fluff lol. ” Jughead breathed out. Jughead x Reader Summary: He had a bad day and you take him home and try make it better. It wasn’t a total lie. You smiled softly at her. I am so sorry, especially because I won’t be able to post it for a few hours. Word count: 1,028. Warnings: Its hella cute. Fluff. I just did some things I don't even remember. Mentioned Betty x Jughead, Mentioned Archie x Valerie. Word count: 4,230. Prompt: i just read that you don’t mind writing smut so this one’s gonna be dirty, bare with me. You fell onto your back on your bed. I saw you again, it felt like we had never met It’s like the sun set in your eyes and never wanted to rise #thexx #sunset Jealous (Jughead x Reader) Prompt: hey darling! im in love with your imagines! is it possible to request a jughead x reader where the reader and jug are dating and jughead spends WAY too Jealous (Jughead x Reader). 221 13 5. He Told Him. can i request a jughead x reader where the reader and him are dating. Although you’re excited to see yourself in the big screen for the first time, you’re also let down by the thought of seeing Cole and Lili together. All It Took Was A Joke The Light To My Darkness I Just Want Yo . You both laughed. Series Masterlist [a/n: Surprise double upload! Thank you all for supporting and loving this . Deviation Actions. Word Count: 1, 331. If I didn’t I probably got it from Brooklyn 99. Shop low prices on groceries to build your shopping list or order online. ” Seeing bad boy jughead sparked . Thank you! PS. Jughead read your message and rolled his eyes and laughed once again. I’m not feeling so hot. Cole Sprouse Haircut. Note: please note some words are BreE as I’ve only learned only this variation at school and I mainly use British vocab rather than American. 478 notes - 03 Feb 2020. What have you been up to?" Jughead responded, as you took another deep breath. 10th Doctor x Reader. Pairing: Jughead Jones x reader. Ex. thank you! Jughead Jones x Reader Seven Minutes SMUT. Submit a post. Percival Graves x Reader. Starting the day with the person you ‘loved’ was something you missed. Incredulity paints his sharp features. No Catcalling Allowed. Jughead shakes his head before repeating his question, his mind already working wonders, trying to come up with possible theories for the raven-haired mans absent minded ways. “He’s spoilt rotten, Y/N/N. ” “You know what I mean. Despite the awards and nominations, the acting is not spectacular nor is the . Jess Mariano x Reader. Leave me and go on your mystery date. Sweet-Pea looks at Fangs for help, but when he sees his best friend horribly failing to hide his laughing, he knows there’s no fooling anyone. They looked to the door to see a tall boy with red hair, followed by two girls, blonde and raven haired. She giggled “I guess it is, you wear a lot of black. Cute // Jughead x Male Reader 1. The riverdale hoodie and the case most importantly the riverdale merch. “As he realised you weren’t coming back he passed the serpents onto Joaquin - me and him are like children to him as much as you are. Sans x reader x error!Read Your Favorite Wuxia Online!Voldemort x reader forced lemon; Tom riddle x sister reader lemon; Preferably medium length (under 100k, but will take any length if the other criteria Mar 06, 2021 · Dabi x reader forced lemon Yandere Dabi x shy virgin Mar 09 2020 Shy Little TOMOE X FEMALE Avengers x male reader wattpadAnime x abused reader wattpad. Request: ‘You move to riverdale because you’re living with your grandpa (pops) and you find jughead there all the time and decide to talk to him’ - @jaib2-blog. Jughead Jones Smile - 18 images - characters jsounds, jughead jones latest teen vogue, jughead jones cute tumblr, jughead jugheadjones jones riverdale j r aestic, The Tutor Jealous!Jughead x Reader Masterlist A/N: Okay! I really love this one. JugHead x Reader Table of contents. combnha deku x reader lemon keyword found by boku no Eren x reader lemon forced - animeyaoilover127 - Wattpad ( Y/n): I 877-MULTICOAT east coast: 800-660-6729 . By Sheep-link Ongoing - Updated Dec 18, 2020 Embed Story Share via Email. “Y/N, don’t hit your brother,” Dad calls from the kitchen and I roll my eyes, striding to get my jacket from the coat rack. Jughead came to my place to get ready, I put Scream on in the background to get in the spooky mood. Jughead looked down at her, his face blank, chewing his lip a little as she calmed down. “It’s so cute!” You wailed and watched as Aaron gripped Jughead’s finger and cooed. “They didn’t even realize that they crashed your date. Jughead waved them over to their booth. Writer and projection booth operator at the Twilight Drive-In theater. Sunbeam - Jughead x Reader mhysaofdrxgons: “ betty-coopers-number-one-stan: “ [A/N: Very short fluffy drabble, based on the prompt ‘waking up together in the morning’. The best thing that you've ever had. Word count: 1,536. “Juggie,” You resonated. Causing him to topple over with a groan, Betty rushing to his aid the moment he hits the floor. You turn to see Sweet Pea smiling down on you. He is portrayed by Cole Sprouse. You sighed. Jughead and the reader have been together and intimate for awhile. You sang even louder together, him holding your hand and spinning you. A/N: I did combine two requests into one for this and I will continue to do that with other fics if i feel i can blend them together seamlessly. Jughead smiled down at me before I gave him a quick peck on the lips to say thank you. Kevin Keller x Reader. he said. Last Summer. Accidental Discovery. I came up with Most of my quotes. “ (Y/N), these are my friends, Archie,” he pointed to the ginger who waved at (Y/N). He mouthed an apology to the woman for being somewhat late, and made his way to the only empty seat in the room. 9 Okt 2017 That's right, it was the "stomach flu", a. “And I’m willing to do it just for you. 26 Favourites. You got to the diner early as you were nervous. Discover more posts about jughead-x-reader. He sat on my bed, padding out the shoulders of an old blazer. From knitted brows above cerulean irises down to slightly agape pink pout, Jughead’s disbelief is like a grass stain on white shorts . Jughead x reader imagines by colbaebrock. Tell me, Jughead. You still remember how much you looked forward into early morning adventures with Cole. Not that her parents would know or even care. As you spun back into his arms he kept his eyes as you danced and laughed. Dylan Et Cole. let me just start by saying that if he's jealous then he's going to be a x reader #oikawa x reader #kuroo x reader #oikawa scenarios . seijoh• seijoh being jealous a/n: for the anon who kyoutani oikawa x reader . Jughead to Tabitha Forsythe Pendleton "Jughead" Jones III is a main character on The CW's Riverdale. You. Thanks for reading! ~~~~~ The avengers have been looking everywhere for (name). Birthday Girl. And you pick up being really playful and THEN HES LIKE NO ITS AN EMERGENCY AND YOU GET THERE AND YOUVE NEVER SEEN THE JONES SO TERRIFIED AND IT ENDS UP THAT JELLYBEAN GOT . Cute. It’s time to try Tumblr. And all for what? Choosing Betty (Jughead x Reader) by kindledimagines 19. Much to (Y/N)'s dismay, Veronica and Kevin begin to snoop around in his computer. Sweet Pea’s cheeks flushed a crimson red and he looked at you with cheeky eyes. Hi, I was wondering if you can do this request for a reader x jughead if you’re not busy. Warnings: I cried while writing this. Jughead Jones was the local outsider on the Northside. Comment . End-Game - Jughead Jones x Reader. Cole Sprouse Jughead. "I have something important to talk to you about. The good old hilltop, the Filgirtz river between the two Kingsville mountains , the sun about to rise, and a certain Cole Sprouse next to you. Posts. Partying and doing drugs, Jingle-Jangle, some harder stuff, and I, uh. The sarcasm, the lack of seriousness, hiding his true feeling. Backstage Pass. First bxb so let me know your thoughts 🤷‍♀️ Requested by @Solvesborg ️ hope you like it! It was all a front. Hope you won’t get mad at this x reader pairing XD *hides in . That nasty blow Chuck had delivered certainly showed its lingering mark in the form of that cut. “I’ll give you the affection you deserve. A/N: This was requested by an Anon, I just hope you guys enjoy it! Feel free to request something! Drive-In pt. Cole Sprouse Aesthetic. He simply hummed in response, lifting one of his own hands to gently rest on her arm. @sunshine51879. Core Four. He rubbed your back soothingly as you cried into his shoulders, and he whispered comforting words into your ears. Jughead's eyes cracked open once again. (Mentioned) Cheryl, Betty, Archie. He turned your face . Pairings: Veronica x Reader, Betty x Reader (platonic, but romantic if u squint), Veronica x Jughead (platonic) a/n: Hey guys!. Sweet pea x reader cute Sweet pea x reader cute. But the Alpha King needs a mate to takeYandere Dog Hybrid x Reader. I want to tell him how I feel but I fear that he sees me only as a . Y/N slowly opened her eyes, the vibrating noise from the table waking her up. Coming Out (x3) Series A/N: This one was requested multiple times, a serpent!Jughead x reader with a touch of upset betty, and i hope i did you guys justice, and this is what you wanted! enjoy! much love! Originally posted by dailycwriverdale. Word Count:498. Us. Jughead gets things going and essentially bosses the reader around. “Come on Princess, take a walk on the wild side” he tilted his head closer to yours, a devilish smirk grew as ever. house located at 4001 E Sweet Pea Ct, Boise, ID 83716 sold for $115,000 on Oct 1, 2001. Your faces were mere millimeters apart, he could almost feel your heartbeat quicken with the shrinking distance. Jealous (Jughead x Reader) Prompt: hey darling! im in love with your imagines! is it possible to request a jughead x reader where the reader and jug are dating and jughead spends WAY too Jealous (Jughead x Reader). 0 Comments. Forced Break-up- (Jughead Jones x reader) Archie Andrews x reader. everyone looked at the two of you, their faces wary but snickering. Warnings: schmut, my dude. 15 Times Cole Sprouse Looked Too Good To Be Real. Mar 28, 2020 · ☆ he’s jealous (hcs tadashi x reader daichi x reader sugawara x reader asahi x i read some kurapika x reader fics but that’s about it. The gory details and secrets that had . Imagine your boyfriend Draco and your brother, Ron become unexpected friends —————————– “How did that happen” “No idea” Basically the reader and Finn are dance partners to it and the reader has never really seen Finn act and vice versa. A/N: bruh, I just gotta’ say enough to make me wanna’ get off and I’m not the easiest person to please, oKaY Jughead x Reader. They're cute and I love them! (Cross-posted on fanfiction. Every time I watch Riverdale, I feel like I am stuck in a Time Warp and I LOVE IT! the nurses and doctors dress in oldish uniforms, the Serpents dress like Greasers, the Ghoulies dress like the Punks and Betty dresses like she’s from the 50/60’s but modern 😍 and then you have the Iconic Pops Chock’lit Shoppe, with the cute retro uniforms and waitresses on roller skates, I am so inlove . Thanks. Summary: You are sick of seeing in black and white so you try to find your soulmate. And they’re just both so enthralled with each other and they just cuddle after he game and fluff :) Jess Mariano x Reader. Sprouse Bros. In his youth, he became best friends with Archie Andrews . Requested- anonymous asked: Can you write something where jellybean is staying with jughead and he calls you at like 11 pm just as you’re getting to bed. You felt tears well up in your eyes, and he quickly embraced you. Opposites Attract. Jughead Jones Needs a Hug. Seeing Jughead and Betty getting all cuddly made you sick to your stomach. Summary: Reader, the new Queen of Mirkwood, catches a cold. You show up and surprise him. However it is not the one you expected. Police Officer- England x Reader. Summary: Jughead and Y/N go on their first date together and Jughead takes them home. with a jealous but sad jughead at the end and dominating betty. “Down on your knees. Characters: Jughead x Reader. Add to Favourites. 24-jun-2015 - ゆゆ descrubrió este Pin. The way she looks at Jughead is the same way she used to look at Archie, when she was in love with him. Remus Lupin x Reader. I know how much you want this ,” He looked between you and the couch. Fault. Dueling Club. Summary: Jughead’s at his private school. Josie McCoy x Reader. Listen to the tongue twister and practise saying it. Jughead is the omniscient narrator of the series . I'm Gonna Marry Mommy!: Oikawa Tooru x Reader "____~" Oikawa cooed as he wrapped his arms around your waist. I had a sense of humor that would make people laugh but also question my mental sanity. The Paragraph in Italian means- I hate to hide my feelings, it’s killing slowly inside me. You both blushed too at the proximity. You were at your locker switching out some books for your next class when you hear someone walk up. Doctor Who. During the premiere, Cole finally confronts you and turn the tables once and for all. Basically the reader and Finn are dance partners to it and the reader has never really seen Finn act and vice versa. Originally posted by squintlovely. She mused softly, her hand rubbing his arm gently. Dean x sister reader fight Summary: Reader, the new Queen of Mirkwood, catches a cold. Jughead Jones x Fem! Reader (Fluff) Summary- (Y/n) speaks Italian and reads Jughead her diary written in that language. Veronica liked Betty. It makes me feel all the feels and I’m in love with your writing. With that, Fangs left the restaurant. Mar 06, 2021 . CoinOperatedGirl666. I love Betty and Juggie so much but I wanted to explore something new. “I should bring you back home. You always paced whenever you got anxiety so as you waited outside the diner you walk back and forth and as you run your fingers through your hair you hear, “Y/F/N Keller?”. Secret Admirer. You had met Betty through school and she had offered to introduce you to her friends. A/N: one time I wore a Ouija necklace to work and a coworker . 6K 28 6 by JessEmily09 This one is kinda short but also kinda cute. And they’re just both so enthralled with each other and they just cuddle after he game and fluff :) Mentioned Betty x Jughead, Mentioned Archie x Valerie. ” You said. “I love drive-in movies! Melody Andrews is coming back to town after 6 years of being away. y/n acts cool but once she’s at Archie’s she cries and he tells her he’ll be there and they kiss and sleep together . And very cuddly. During his childhood, grew up in poverty, as he lived in the Southside, with his father being the leader of a group known as the Southside Serpents. Words: 650. I saw you again, it felt like we had never met It’s like the sun set in your eyes and never wanted to rise #thexx #sunset More fourth musketeer please god 💖🙏. Request: can you do a jughead x reader where they cuddle and fall asleep together, fluff please!! Warnings: Mild swearing. ” Betty’s eyes widened in surprise and a grin took over her face. Pairing: Jughead x Reader. Jughead Jones fic. Vvvrrrmmm Vvvrrrmmm Vvvrrrmmm. Jughead tag: @sawakoyu. Jughead asked, sitting up ever so slightly. The bell rang and you quickly packed your things into your backpack and made your way out the door, but not before telling your teacher to have a great rest of their day. Jealousy Words: 1584 Jughead X Reader A/N: I’m going to write a part 2 to this if anyone is interested. MasterList. Creepypasta x sick child reader Klaus mikaelson imagines insecure. You slowly pulled apart and you looked away from him in shame. Forsythe Pendleton "Jughead" Jones III was born in Riverdale to Forsythe "FP" Jones and Gladys, and is the older brother to Jellybean Jones. Cheryl Blossom x Reader. A/n: I loved rewriting this so much oh my god.

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